GIF - in English

GIF is a one-year upper secondary program for refugees and immigrants. A GIF certificate is equivalent to the Danish General Upper Secondary School Leaving Certificate and gives access to most higher education courses. 

Admission requirements for GIF:

  • At least 12 years of schooling from your home country equivalent to the Danish Upper Secondary School Leaving Certificate
  • Danish language skills: Danish as a second language D-level (grade 4 in each test) or Danish 3, module 5 (grades 7/7/7)
  • At least four years of English schooling (corresponding to ninth grade in Denmark)
  • Mathematical GIF also requires at least math B-level together with physics and chemistry C-level
  • You must have a residence permit in Denmark or other legal residence in Denmark

To be admitted to GIF you must meet the requirements listed above.

If you meet the criteria listed, you will be invited to an interview with a student counsellor.

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Contact information
Tel: 96312223